That Time I Stole T-Swift’s Tic Tacs…

It all begins with that one awkward question at a social event: “What do you do?”.  Occasionally I try to curb that conversation by downplaying that I get to shoot video all over the world, because it really makes me sound like a conceited douchebag, right?  Even writing that last sentence feels a bit unsettling.  However, my lovely wife is my shameless promoter and oftentimes jumps at the opportunity to recount a juicy tale full of intrigue and celebrity encounters in far off destinations.  Once the hook is set the follow up question is generally: “Who’s the most famous person you’ve worked with?”.  Of course, once the question is sprung it’s all fair game to pump yourself up…just a little bit!   

I twice had the unique opportunity to film with Swifty.  First and foremost I have to mention that I was taken aback by how down-to-earth this girl really is.  This youngster is top of her industry, or maybe just on top of the world.  Taylor owns a fleet of private jets for God’s sake.  Her legs are also insured for $20 million(USD) as we found out after somebody’s pet cat got a bit handsy with Taylor, leaving a faint 2 inch scratch mark on her skin that required first aid responders to tend to.  Despite all this she is very pleasant and very polite even after several intense shoot days.  She regularly interacted with all levels of crew, even the lowliest such as myself, on what was quite a large music video production.  But I digress.

There I was on Long Island on the set of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video working with the renowned director Joseph Khan.  Taylor (yes, we’re on a first name basis) was often standing shoulder to shoulder reviewing takes and blocking out scenes over the course of the day.  It wasn’t until the end of dinner service while crafty was busy clearing tables when T Swift strolls in to grab a drink in the empty dining area.  She left just as fast as she came in.  I soon realized she had left her Tic Tacs on the bar.  Turns out her and I both have a thing for orange T’s, which also reiterates that she’s a wholesome country girl, because let’s face it: orange Tic Tacs are the fare of lowly commoners and not that of pop-star royalty.

Anyway, after a few minutes passed by it was time to get back to work so I casually swooped in and scooped up the box of candy not thinking much of it.  As I was strutting back to set with that uplifting feeling of Tic Tac victory at the forefront of my mind I walked past Swifty heading back in the opposite direction — heading back to recover her stolen property no doubt!  I briefly glanced over my should to catch a glimpse of Taylor standing over the bar where her beloved orange Tic Tacs were resting mere moments ago; I walked just a little bit faster, but not so fast that the rattle of the candy in my pocket would give away the unforgivable act I had committed not 30 seconds ago.  I couldn’t help wonder if my cover had been blown by the sound of rattle Tic Tacs in my pocket but I couldn’t bring myself to look back again and risk being confronted by the unforgiving glare of Taylor Swift.

The reality is that her record company would have choppered in a swimming pool worth of Tic Tacs onto set if Taylor only snapped her fingers, so I didn’t lose any sleep over the situation.  Ultimately, Taylor’s fingers remained unsnapped and the show went on.  The only thing that had changed was my breath was a little bit fresher for the rest of the evening.  Sorry/thanks.